iPhone 4G release with new features

After months of speculation, the new iPhone 4G has finally been released with a new five-megapixel camera and a flash and is capable of editing high-definition quality video and a crisp higher-resolution screen. See how it matches up to your iPhone 3GS below and if you will get one when the iPhone 4G Singapore release date is officially announced. Continue reading


Jessica Biel or the Guys in the New A Team

If you were growing up about the same time in the 80s as me (ok, i was just a real tiny little kid then), you must have been really crazy about the A Team which was a a hit television series during that time. The theme song was especially¬† infectious during that time , not to mention Mr T’s special gen 1 Mohawk haircut. Step aside david beckham, you look girlish in comparison.

How about now? Continue reading

Leaked Sony Ericsson Android Phones shows big screens

Sony Ericsson’s latest leaked photos of its upcoming Android phone show off some big screens. This seems a change from the mini that it has recently launched. Looking at the pictures, the smartphones look nothing too exciting. They look like normal smartphones that will just help to take a share of the pie for¬†Sony Ericsson especially with its fans. Continue reading