Jessica Biel or the Guys in the New A Team

If you were growing up about the same time in the 80s as me (ok, i was just a real tiny little kid then), you must have been really crazy about the A Team which was a a hit television series during that time. The theme song was especially  infectious during that time , not to mention Mr T’s special gen 1 Mohawk haircut. Step aside david beckham, you look girlish in comparison.

How about now?Lots of kids were looking to sport his hair cut if ever they could especially when they had the chance  during the holidays. But really, knowing or humming to that ultra cool tune which had this heroic melodious ring to it was a prerequisite to being cool those days.  Mr T was that fashionable (or ‘awesome’, the word the teens these days would use) and the rest of the team as well.  I didn’t sport the haircut though but I sure was humming to the tune.

I haven’t seen the movie (A team 2010) yet in the cinemas but I know I am not into the latest look of Mr T (played by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson), just not ‘suave’ when compared to the original. I swear it has something to do with the goatee he is sporting; it has kind of lost the bohemian alpha male look. And Liam Neeson looks just too fit as Hannibal Smith. The original Hannibal Smith was slightly thick around the waist and was supposed to look like he had more brains than brawn. Sigh..

Lucky for us guys, there is some eye candy. I think my eyes will be on resident babe, Jessica Biel instead.

She plays Capt. Charisa Sosa with the DCIS (Defense Criminal Investigative Service). Looks good to me especially when the acronyms of her secret defense department  gives her an air of babelicious sophistication. You know like those nerdy babes. Kinky.

Jessical Biel or the Guys?



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