Is the Green Hornet really green?

Chinese New Year and I bet alot of you must be really bored stiff. Most shops are still close so shopping seemed a BAD idea. So what do you do? Well, maybe watching the Green Hornet will bring back some of the nostalgia. Even the tele is showing movies about age and reminding you that age is catching up on you. sigh…

Well back to the Green Hornet. The television serial was a little past my time (ahem) but i remembering watching reruns and hey, Kato didn’t talk that much. I kind of prefer the silent Kato with the funny accent. Jay’s version now has like an American accent and he really is Chinese in that show, Shanghainese  to be exact. Errrr, I thought he was Japanese.  Kato sounds really Japanese. Role now seems tailored for Jay.  Kato in the past didn’t exactly share the stage as much as Jay Chou did in the movie.   The role did make Bruce Lee more famous though and he moved on to be a legend.

Picture, should they even be compared? Bruce Lee is really a legend you know. I bet the Jay fans is going to holler and throw those rotten tomatoes just about now. Ok, girls, how about finishing reading first?

But I really enjoyed this funny mad caper by director Michel Gondry.

Ok, going to just quickly put this in a nutshell for u guys.

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou make quite a funny heroic duo.  Seth plays Britt Reid, the son of newspaper magnate James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), who after his father’s passing, finally has to step out from his shadow when he inherits a whole newspaper business. Bored, he hooks up with his martial arts butler, who makes coffee machines for a past time, not to measure, mean machines like their ultimate hornet sedan that comes with its own green head lights. Machines and a world saving spirit, the shenanigans are on their way to fight crime

Fight scenes were fast like bee stings  but not as retro and silent as the series. I can never stand the silent chops thrown left, right and centre.

All the super hero karate chops aside, one scene that’s really awesome is the black eye pea tune the duo of them share in the Black Beauty. There is so much chemistry in that and I thought they really played up jay’s alley although he really wasn’t that bad in the movie and his comic timing is quite on the dot. Of course, you can’t have a super hero movie without some skirts. Cameron Diaz plays Britt’s secretary who really is a journalist at heart. She is still as gorgeous and really lights up our screens.

So go check the movie out? It is more than just green.


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