Gardens by the Bay

This story may seem a tad too late. Our latest attraction and Singapore's newest playground, Gardens by the Bay have been opened since the end of June. But few visits there and many photos later, writing a blog entry looks like the best way to share them.

My first visit there was exciting. Never been too excited about parks even when I was growing up, the concert was a good idea to drive people like me to see the gardens. I hate to think that I could be enjoying it now because I am all grown up. That makes me feel old. Anyway, I remembered it being the night green ambassador, Jason Mraz, performed and brought his version of love to the park. It was an awesome opening act to have his fans enjoy the park's greenery while swaying to his jazzy tunes.

Jason Mraz singing with his guest for the night, Corrine May.

Jason Mraz at Gardens by the Bay
Supertrees Grove
Not to take anything away from the designers of the park, the Supertrees just had this Avatar vibe to it and you can't help but do a second take when you are there. They have nightly shows there where they turned on all the lights and those experiential music. It's nice to look at but I really did feel that there should be more going on then just that.

The Skywalk.
You can get up there for just $5 but you might just want to hold on tight to those rails, especially if you are one of those terribly scared of heights even when you are home in your own HDB blocks. The view from the skywalk was really good and you can pretty much catch a view of the whole park. And the most amazing part is that the supertrees collects rain water and uses it to fuel the gardens. Not just a frivolous decor to the park after all.

OCBC skywalk

Garden's two cooled conservatories are a sight to behold, not just for its picturesque add-on to the greenery of the park, but for the science and discovery it holds within.

Skyline of the domes, conservatories

Cloud Forest

Designed to replicate the cool-moist climate of the tropical montane region, the Mediterranean and semi-arid sub-tropical regions, the cliff like mountain structure with its very own waterfall was a spectacular sight.

Flower Dome
It was visually captivating and a photo moment for anyone visiting. On a clear day, I can even catch the Ferris wheel in the backdrop. It really looks like even the parks in Singapore has some urban planning help.

I leave you here with a skyline shot of the Gardens at night. The supertrees here look like your very own bedside lamps, just as the park is designed to be your playground.

Hope you like the photos taken. All photos were taken with histamatic. If you like to use them, please credit them to me. You're welcome to tweet me at @roomyroo.



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